Kaillera offers the possibility to play retro games online using emulators with Kaillera support. It consists of a client and a server: the client callbacks are integrated into the emulators, while the server is a standalone application that needs to be run separately.

Kaillera Reborn is a community focused on maintaining the network by improving Kaillera projects and hosting game servers in different locations. We count with dedicated lists for EmuLinker-K/SF servers and P2P waiting games.


Emulators System
RArch List src
Emulators (archive) Various

Kaillera clients Language
Open Kaillera
Open Kaillera JUCE
Open Kaillera P2P
C++ src
Supraclient C++ src

Kaillera servers Language
EmuLinker-K Kotlin src


Software Description
Kaillera SDK Required to integrate Kaillera in your app
Emulators (src) Source code archive